Football power is the basis for optimal performance in competition. It will help improve football speed, stamina, and strength of football.

Strength is the physiological basis of all movement. It even takes strength to get out of the couch!

So it makes sense that football strength is also important in football movements… and in no small part. But… there’s only one problem.

You know how much confusion there is around physical development and strength training for sports, especially in football training! Three different “authorities” have nine separate opinions. In the end, people get annoyed, raise their hands, and say, “Never mind all that football power-and-power stuff, nobody can agree on anything. We’ll just keep doing what we’ve always done!!”

How can I increase my strength for football?

We’ll clear up this confusion about soccer practice once and for all here. We’ll cut things down to the basics that work. Most of all, we’ll keep things simple so that you can actually use this information and immediately apply it to your football strength training: Improving football performance, football speed, strength, and agility, reducing the risk of injury, and pushing your physical potential to the limit.

You don’t want to look back later and wonder, “what if.” Here is everything the player needs to increase the football speed, gain more power/explosives, to get into the best shape ever, the form of his life. All it takes is to follow and apply these proven training techniques.

Now I’m not claiming that the information and advice from this site is “the only correct soccer training method on earth ever!”; there are certainly several approaches that work at least fairly well. But I can tell you this: This is the best, most advanced, and most up-to-date training information I know. It’s all been tried, tested, and true. Believe me; It works!

To improve football speed, you need to improve football strength. To improve explosiveness/power, focus on football strength first.

How is strength used in football?

This approach to physical enhancement has been used successfully for decades and has consistently delivered championship titles. Stronger athletes are faster, more explosive, “faster.” This is the way to increase speed and power for football. This brings me to the next point: believe me, yes, but don’t just take my word for it, please don’t! Just look at the results. The only rational approach to football training is based on real-world results. If what you’re doing improves performance, you know you’re onto something.

Does it ultimately improve your game? Are you faster, more explosive? In other words: do your speed and power get through the roof? These and other parameters can and should be tested regularly. So I encourage periodic testing of things like:



Some or all of the above should be tested every 4-8 weeks for motivation and to prove that what you are doing is working.

I’ll say it again: with the football training information on this website… IF you apply it… you WILL achieve the results you want, in other words: improve speed and strength, improve physical football performance.

Power is the foundation for everything.

No speed endurance without speed.

No speed without power.

No power without power.

No strength endurance without strength.

Power is the foundation for everything.

BUT: Hypertrophy (read: muscle mass) – in the right places and of the right kind – is the PLATFORM for Football Power.

Rationale: After initial gains, pure speed/strength/strength training will last forever; further improvements require increased functional hypertrophy, read: usable muscle mass.

That means that to increase a quality like power beyond the initial gain, you must first increase capacity. Do you see the big picture?

Everyone and their sister want to become more explosive. That’s fine, that’s what you need for football. But again: the basis of that explosiveness is power.